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Winfield Recreation Council

2020 Volunteer of the Year Award



Lisa Humphries – Concession Manager

Our very own, Miss Lisa, has received the “Volunteer of the Year Award” for Winfield Rec Council.

Lisa has been in charge of concessions for WYFCP for many years and her dedication and enthusiasm for the job is infectious to all around her.  Anyone who has ever been involved with a youth sports organization knows that the concession stand is very necessary for funding but it is also a tremendous, time-consuming, role to be in charge of. Many years we had to almost beg someone to do it!  Since Lisa took over concessions, she has given countless hours of her (and her family’s) time to make sure the concession stand was run correctly.  She has also contributed personal funds and other resources to ensure its success.  As a result of Lisa’s efforts, the concession stands at Mayeski Park is not only profitable but a major revenue generator for WYFCP.

As if her tireless efforts in concessions were not enough, Lisa also decided to take the initiative to spruce up the pavilion at Mayeski Park.  She secured funds from Winfield Recreation Council and enlisted youth volunteers to paint the entire area.  She was seen on many cold nights on a ladder, by herself, painting away long after the practice had concluded. Her dedication to our organization and our community is unmatched.  She is the type of person that you just want to be around and we should all aspire to be.

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